CANDLEMASS – Debaser Medis 28/12 2013

CANDLEMASS third album “Ancient Dreams” turned 25 and I went to the b-day bash at Medis. With my mom, who came to town for the holidays. She was a bit anxious before the show, but enjoyed the whole thing a lot and also bought herself some merch. She also got to meet some of my awesome friends:)
The show was great!! Their earlier plans to have the whole thing filmed, didn´t work out and some other things didn´t go as planned but shit happens and it still was awesome!! The always so impressive Jörgen Sandström (Grave,Entombed,The Project Hate,Torture Division etc. Looking stunning in his new shirt!!;)) got on stage with very short notice and also the great Pepper Potemkin ( Blackbird Burlesque Cabaret / The Catastrophe Orchestra) appeared during “Solitude” in the end of the show. Dunno about that Torsten Flink guy, tho:) Great thanks to the CANDLEMASS guys for this awesome night!



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Candlemass – Prophet Live Stockholm Debaser Medis (28-Dec-2013) by Christopher C

2 Responses to “CANDLEMASS – Debaser Medis 28/12 2013”

  1. 22/01/2014 at 9:13 pm

    Fantastiska bilder från en fantastisk afton!

  2. 24/01/2014 at 9:48 pm

    Ja!! Det var fint som fan!:))

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